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Gateshead Health & Care Academy

What we do

Gateshead Health and Care Academy has been developed in collaboration with our Gateshead Cares Workforce Partnership. The Partnership is made up of representation from CBC Health Federation, Connected Voice, Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear Foundation Trust, Edberts House, Gateshead Council, Gateshead Health Foundation Trust, Integrated Care Board, Learning and Skills and Richmond Fellowship.

The Gateshead Health and Care Academy provides training and education for those who are looking to start their career in Gateshead’s health and care sector and for those looking for change and career progression opportunities whilst developing essential knowledge of Gateshead services to effectively support our patients, services users, and customers.

Our Health and Care Academy supports Gateshead’s Thrive agenda and Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

How does it work?

Gateshead’s Health and Care Academy will increase employment aspirations by developing the skills and knowledge of our current and future workforce.

Gateshead’s Health and Care Academy will provide a programme of learning and development opportunities, for those who are currently unemployed or considering a change in career, which are directly linked to the needs of Gateshead’s health and care patients and service users.

The course delivery is a blended model, with both face to face sessions and virtual learning.

The course will start week commencing 19th June 2023

from 9:30-2:30pm.

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If you would like further information about the course or to place an interest please register your details below

Course Benefits 

  • Gain a nationally recognised qualification.

  • Access Gateshead-based sector specific training to support employment.


  • Gain an insight into Gateshead's health and care sector and the needs of our patients, services users, and customers.


  • Engage with health and care organisational partners to explore the varied roles across the sector.


  • Receive support from our Gateshead health and care partners regarding employment opportunities.

Course Outcomes 

  • Work towards Level 2 NCFE Qualification in Health and Care.

  • Develop confidence with online and face to face interview skills.

  • Gain essential IT knowledge which include EMIS, Outlook and Microsoft Teams.

  • Develop essential skills, including communication and confidence building.

  • Gain effective employability skills to complete online application forms including NHS and Gateshead Council jobs.

  • We will provide advice on how employment may impact on benefits.

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Workforce Hub

Please see more information on the range of services provided by our Workforce Hub team. 

If you would like support from our team, please get in touch below.

Flexible Workforce Hub, Sessional Health care workforce

Workforce Hub

We provide workforce support to GP Practices across Gateshead on a sessional basis.

step into work

Step into
Work Programme

Our Step into Work programme can support you to become part of the NHS or Gateshead Health and Care teams.

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Nicola McDougal

Strategic Workforce

Development Lead

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