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Document Management

What we do

CBC Bureau provide document management support to practices in Gateshead covering approximately 57,000 patients which is more than a quarter of the total Gateshead population, for over 5 years.


Our award winning* document management service provides bespoke clinical coding and triage of all clinical correspondence received by the practice. Our specialist coding team process all inbound patient documents that are sent into GP practices from hospitals, outpatients and  A+E etc. We then forward these on to the appropriate clinician/team as appropriate for information or to be actioned.

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How does it work?

When joining the Bureau Document Management service, our Bureau Co-ordinator will meet with key individuals from the practice team to go through a comprehensive checklist to ensure that we work in a way that compliments the existing practice systems, and provides a truly bespoke service that suits the individual practice needs.

Once on board the dedicated and highly skilled team will clinically code all relevant information from letters directly into the patient record. Once coding is complete the team will forward or file the letter as agreed with the practice. The team will also notify the practice admin team if patients need follow up so they can be booked in.


In addition to the offer of long term support to practices we may be able to provide short term assistance to cover periods of extended absence for those who do not require a fully managed service.

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  • 52 weeks per year cover. No need to worry about cover for annual leave or sickness

  • Potential for increased income as all coding is to QOF standards and supports the practice DES and LES schemes

  • No employment risk

  • Increased staff capacity – reduced workload for GPs, Nurses, Practice Pharmacists, Practice Technicians and administrative staff.

  • Increased space in practice – the team work remotely from the practice freeing up valuable workspace

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Bureau Team Lead

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