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CBC Health Federation Head Office

Become a Member

What it means to

become a member

Being a member will give you the chance to influence the direction and decisions the company makes, take part in our annual general meetings and join with colleagues working hard to provide the best care possible.

Who can become a member

Membership is open to any individual who is:

  • A General Practitioner, employee or worker providing services in accordance with the Objects at a General Practice providing primary care services in Gateshead; or

  • Employed by or working in services provided by the Company.

Applicants must meet one of the above criteria, and all applications are subject to approval by CBC Health Federation Board.

Please note that:


  • Membership is free of change.

  • We are required to review our Register of Members on an annual basis to:

- ensure it is up to date,

- all members continue to meet the membership criteria

- we hold the correct details about you.

Apply here

Our membership process is now managed online. If you wish to become a member please click the link below. This will direct you to our online application form.

If your application is approved, your name will be entered in the Register of Members of the Company and we will write to you to welcome you as a new member.


Details on how your information will be processed and how we keep it safe are included in our Website Privacy Policy and Fair Processing Notice. If you need any guidance please contact the Quality and Governance Team on 0191 497 7710 or


Notice to existing members

If you are already a member of CBC Health Federation, your membership will be managed through our new online management process. When your membership is due for renewal, you will receive an email with a link to check your details and renew for a further year. Renewal expiry notices will be sent automatically based on the date of your application. As with new applications, renewals are also subject to approval to ensure you continue to meet the eligibility criteria.

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