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What is Spirometry

Spirometry is a basic breathing test which measures the amount of air that you can blow out. This test measures how well your lungs are working and the appointment will take around 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete. Doctors commonly request this test to:

  • See if you have any lung conditions

  • Measure severity of lung conditions

  • See if medication help your breathing

  • Test your lung function before an operation

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What is FeNO

FeNO stands for Fractional exhaled Nitric Oxide (NO). When your lungs are inflamed (eg. Asthma) thay can produce more NO. The FeNO value will help your clinician to understand the level of inflammation in your lungs. ​

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How does it work?

We receive referrals into our service for assessment from GPs who suspect their patients may have asthma or COPD. The referrals are initially reviewed by an administrator to ensure all the information we require is present. The referrals are then passed to our specialist respiratory nurse for clinical assessment to ensure they are booked for the most appropriate test(s).

We then allocate the referred patients appointments, to attend one of our clinics which are held at various sites across Gateshead.






Preparing for your test

Before attending your Spirometry test, please: 

    Wear loose fitting comfortable clothing
    Arrive 10 minutes before appointment time
    Do not smoke in the 24hrs before test. 
    Avoid eating a large meal 
    Do not drink alcohol on day of test. 
    Try and avoid using your inhaler 4 hours prior


Please continue to take
all medications as normal. 

The Spirometry test

If it has not already been done, you will have your weight and height measured.


You will then be seated during the test and a soft clip will be placed on your nose to encourage mouth breathing.

You will be asked to give a relaxed breath - it is often described as a big sigh into the machine. You will then be asked to give a fast blow as hard as you can, for as long as you can, through the mouthpiece.

This test will be performed a minimum of three times and and you will be given a rest between each attempt.

The test may then be repeated after we have given you some respiratory medication, to see if this helps your breathing. 


Your test results

The results will not be ready straight away as they will need analysing and processing. The results of your test will be with your GP practice within 10 working days. 


Jean Turner

Spirometry Service Lead

Can't make your appointment?

We understand that things get in the way, so please make sure to let us know if you are unable to attend the appointment as soon as possible. We can then organise another appointment for you, and offer your appointment time to another patient on our waiting list.

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