COVID vaccination programme

If you are interested in working for the COVID vaccine service complete the application form in the following link:  Vaccination Service Application Form
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Covid Vaccination Staff Recruitment


Exciting opportunities have arisen for enthusiastic registered Healthcare Professionals to join the next phase of our vaccination programme. 

CBC Health are helping to support the COVID vaccination programme for five vaccination sites across Gateshead. Registered HCPs will work as part of dynamic/friendly teams delivering a safe and effective service in Gateshead.

Enhanced rates of pay will be received for weekends.


Locations of Gateshead Local Vaccination Sites 


  • Birtley Medical Group (DH3 2QT)

  • Felling Hub (NE10 9LT)

  • Rawling Road Medical Group (NE8 4QR)

  • The Bede Centre (opposite Gateshead Stadium – NE10 0DJ)

  • The Children's Centre, Blaydon (NE21 5EZ)

Options - Working Days/Times


Gateshead offers a variety of sessions and shift patterns

Please note that hub operational hours will depend upon vaccine supply and patient demand 


Currently times of most sessions in Gateshead are:  

08:00 am – 1.00 pm / 1:00 pm – 6.00 pm  


Available Roles

  • Consenter/Vaccinator (must have professional registration)

Consenting of patient and ensuring no contra-indication to vaccination 

May be needed to assist if patients have anaphylaxis post vaccination 

Administering vaccine to patients  

Responsible for the disposal of clinical waste and change of PPE

Responsible for ensuring the patient has appropriate post vaccination information 

Cleaning the vaccination area after each patient 



  • Consenter/Vaccinator

£13.79 per hour Monday to Friday - £20.69 weekends

After completion of essential application paperwork and short interview process, and following essential due diligence, any staff who wish to be paid for their work will be issued with a zero-hour contract, to enable flexibility for individuals to undertake work as and when they can. 


Consenter Vaccinator Training 


Training will be provided dependent on existing skills/qualifications/legal requirements. 

PHE immunisation training standards apply.  


Staff who can vaccinate 


Both Registered and non-registered staff can vaccinate but only Registered Healthcare Professionals can consent patients for vaccination.  Training requirements will depend upon skills and experience but minimum training requirements for all vaccinators are as below: 

  • Basic life support training within the last 12 months (eLearning accepted) 

  • Anaphylaxis training within the last 12 months (eLearning accepted)  

  • COVID-19 eLearning programme including core knowledge and vaccine-specific modules (via eLearning for Health)

  • Work-based practical training and assessment of competency 

  • Currently CBC Health’s model of delivery is a consenter vaccinator- so need valid professional registration to undertake this role, however in other delivery sites this may not be the case


Contracts and indemnity  


A national template for zero-hour terms of engagement is being used by CBC Health and we will ensure that any necessary compliance around workforce is managed. All staff who have been engaged to provide vaccination services, who currently work for GP practices that have signed the Covid-19 vaccination Enhanced Service, will have clinical negligence indemnity cover. NHS England will be providing a template collaboration agreement for Practices to use that will cover the indemnity implications of practices vaccinating each other's patients, their own Practice staff and non-registered patients. For more information see page 11 of the Covid next steps letter

If staff are being engaged through CBC Health for work with an individual GP practice, or PCN (other than Inner West PCN) then to facilitate accurate and timely payment and ensure indemnity is clear a practice engagement agreement needs to be competed ahead of any scheduled shifts


For all other Health Care Professionals (HCPs) who are not currently able to vaccinate, they will require all of the above and be authorised and listed and referred to or otherwise identified by The Human Medicines (Coronavirus and Influenza) (Amendment) Regulations 2020 and be supervised by an HCP. 


For more information see Recommended immunisation training requirements from PHE, ‘Persons involved in administering the vaccine’ (Enhanced Service p15-16), ‘Further details of training requirements’ (Covid next steps letter - 1 December) and the government’s Covid-19 vaccination training programme information (all links below) 


PHE general immunisation training e-learning for health 

Recommended immunisation training requirements 

ES p15-16 Covid-19 vaccination training programme 

If you are interested in working for the COVID vaccine service complete the application form in the following link:  Vaccination Service Application Form
or contact