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Acute Respiratory Infections

What we do

We provide GP clinics to Gateshead patients (children and adults) with Acute Respiratory Infections. These appointments are available 6 days a week, from multiple sites across Gateshead. This is an initiative from NHSE to assist with the increasing demand for the service.


Patients with the following conditions can be referred into this service: coughs, chest infections, flare ups, fevers, sore

throatsasthmaCOPD, bronchitis, chest infections, colds and ear infections.

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We operate this service from various sites across Gateshead. Patient appointments are face to face and for the duration of 15 minutes. Please see below for locations and dedicated days (dependant on clinician availability)

Bede Health Centre

Monday to Friday

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Monday to Friday - OOH

Oxford Terrace & Rawling Road Medical Group

Thursday & Friday

Birtley Medical Group

Monday & Tuesday

Second street Surgery


Primary Care

Please see more information on other services we provide in Gateshead. 

If you would like to know more on how we can support you in your GP practice please get in touch below.

Extended Access

We are an extension of your GP practice offering extra appointments during practice hours, in the evenings and at weekends.

Extended Access, GP appointments, Evening and Weekends, Additional Appointments, Gateshead
Urgent Treatment Centre, Minor Illnesses, QE Hospita, Blaydon Primary Care

Urgent Treatment 

We provide GP support to the Urgent Treatment Centres for minor illness and injuries.


Urgent Primary Care Gateshead

Tom Schatzberger

CBC Director and 

Clinical Lead of Urgent Primary Care

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