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Engine Room: Developing General Practice at Scale in Gateshead

Gateshead GP Transformation Team has for the last two years supported all Gateshead practices to develop their knowledge and understanding of at-scale working. More recently, the team has commenced a phase of focussed activity with a group of 20 GPs, practice managers and practice nurses in a task and finish ‘Engine Room’ which will, between now and the end of September 2017, produce a clear and specific proposal to for working at scale in Gateshead.

Engine Room objectives are to:

  • Identify tangible clinical benefits of working at-scale - being clear about outcomes for patients, staff and system impact

  • Consider available structure options for an at-scale organisation - including the business, legal and financial implications

  • Consider and understand any human resources impact

  • Appraise options and conclude with recommendations for business owners

  • Develop a specific proposal and recommendation which can be presented to Gateshead GP practices in Autumn 2017

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The project consists of four work streams focussing on developments in 3 clinical areas - Care of Complex Patients, Transfers of Care, and Urgent Care & Access. The fourth work stream will examine Structure, Governance and Organisational Development.

Helen Groom

Lead GP, Gateshead GP Transformation Team

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