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Medicines Optimisation

What we do

Medicines Optimisation includes many aspects of medicines including reducing waste, improving safety and ensuring patients take their medicines correctly. It is about ensuring that patients have the right medication, at the right time and that they are involved in the process.


Our medicines optimisation team support to reduce polypharmacy, advise on formulary choice of medications, review medication for appropriateness and prompt safe review of medication. This not only encourages cost-effective prescribing, it improves patient safety, reduces medication waste and promotes patient centred care.

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How does it work?

A pharmacist is assigned to each GP practice within the ICB (Integrated Care Board). Our pharmacy technicians provide support to all practices within a PCN. The team follow a workplan throughout each financial year set by the ICB. Our pharmacy team discuss the actions on this workplan with each GP practice and carry them out.

Our medicines optimisation team work both within GP practices and remotely to allow for quick turnaround of any urgent actions. They carry out cost-saving medication switches, review and highlight potential patient safety issues, action drug safety updates, ensure prescribing is safe and cost-effective and act as a point of contact for any questions or queries from GPs, nurses, other pharmacists, administration staff and patients themselves.


Improvement to patient safety

Cost-effective prescribing recommendations

Improvement to prescribing processes

Support to improve relationships with community pharmacy

Contribution to CQC requirements

Medicines Information support


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Centralised remote support for GP surgeries by a team of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.


Please see more information on the range of services provided in practice and remotely from our Pharmicus team. 

If you would like support from our team, please get in touch below.

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Care Home

Would you like assistance with medication reviews, reducing waste and much more within your care home?

April Sim, Head of Pharmicus

April Sim

Head of Pharmicus

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