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Pharmicus Hub

What we do

The Pharmicus Hub provides GP practices with a centralised and flexible service of experienced Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians to support with medication related work, from medication requests, medication reviews, updating letters and ensuring that drug monitoring is up-to-date. Our service aims to support where GP time can be saved by picking up this workload. The hub staff can be contacted directly at our head office during the hours of 8.30-5pm Monday to Friday for any queries or urgent assistance that your practice requires 

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How does it work?

The Hub is operated remotely from our Head Office by our team of Pharmacists and Pharmacist Technicians by connecting to GP practice systems, via a secure NHS connection. The daily workload for the Hub team is organised every morning via our internal tracker system which has a traffic light system of urgency. Our team work collaboratively to clear any urgent requests before working on the daily work. Our tracker system is updated throughout the day to ensure time sensitive queries are picked up as fast as possible. 


Hub Pharmacist Technicians

Our Pharmacist Technicians work to reconcile documents with the patients medication record. These documents include discharge summaries, clinical letters and shared care requests among others. Our Pharmacy Technicians will contact the patient, hospital or community pharmacy if there are any queries or actions to follow up and are also able to refer to our team of experienced Pharmacists.

Hub Pharmacists

Our Pharmacists action medication requests and queries – these can be from the patient themselves, the local pharmacy or the GP. Any issues are resolved by contacting the patient, community pharmacy or hospital. The medication requests are then sent back so the GP can issue them with the reassurance that all issues have been resolved. Our Pharmacists provide support to our Pharmacy Technicians with any queries they may have.


  • Remote options allow for better use of clinic space on site

  • A significant and positive impact on GP’s work life balance

  • A proven way to save the practicetime and money

  • Reduction in a GP’s administrative workload

  • Covers all non-standard prescription requests


  • Hospital comms, medicine changes and discrepancies all covered

  • Increased focus and attention on patient care

  • Sizeable reduction in locum costs


Please see more information on the range of services provided in practice and remotely from our Pharmicus team. 

If you would like support from our team, please get in touch below.

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Medicines Optimisation

Support with medications within GP practices across a 'place' within an ICB.

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Care Home

Would you like assistance with medication reviews, reducing waste and much more within your care home?


April Sim

Head of Pharmicus

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