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Care Homes

What we do

We provide support to care homes and associated GP practices within South Tyneside place. Our team consists of both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who work closely with the care homes and GP’s to ensure that medication processes within them are safe and patients are involved in their treatment as much as possible.

How does it work?

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Our pharmacy technicians carry out a ‘top to bottom’ review of the care home called a systems review. This includes reviewing ordering, administration and storage processes within the home, carrying out an in-depth review of the administration charts, reviewing the homes waste, making safety recommendations in line with drug alerts, among others. Once this review is complete, they provide the care home manager with a full report of the findings and recommendations and make an appointment in an agreed time period to re-visit.


This review allows our pharmacists to carry out a medication review on every resident within the care home. This ensures that prescribing is cost-effective but also that all medicines have an indication, are safe and appropriate for the resident.


For GP Practice

  • Regular medication reviews completed for your care home resident

  • Point of contact for any medication related querie

  • Reduction in GP queries from care home

  • Improvement in cost-effective prescribing

  • Increased focus and attention on resident care

For Care Homes

  • Regular medication reviews completed for your residents

  • Point of contact for any medication related queries

  • Tailored advice to improve medication processes and safety

  • Advice to ensure medication processes are CQC compliant

  • Improved communication/relationship with GP practice and linked pharmacy

Please see more information on the range of services provided in practice and remotely from our Pharmicus team. 

If you would like support from our team, please get in touch below.

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Centralised remote support for GP surgeries by a team of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

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Medicines Optimisation

Support with medications within GP practices across a 'place' within an ICB.


April Sim, Head of Pharmicus

April Sim

Head of Pharmicus

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