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What’s new in nursing?

Nursing developments in Gateshead GP Transformation Team

In collaboration with key partners and stakeholders, the transformation team has been driving the development of the General Practice Nursing workforce in Gateshead. Recognising that there are significant workforce challenges, a series of Nursing Strategy meetings have taken place over the last 18 months and a nursing newsletter has been developed, both aimed at receiving and sharing local and national information and initiatives.

Supported by Sonia Waterston and Elaine Kesterton, the team has championed the re-establishment of the nursing forum at TITO, giving Gateshead nurses the opportunity to network and to support one another. A formal Nurse Practitioner forum has also been re-established, which meets regularly at CBC offices.

The introduction of the Apprenticeship levy will enable the advancement of employer-led education and career pathways. Apprenticeships currently in development include from entry level to advanced Health Care Assistants, Registered General Nurses and Masters Level Nurse Practitioners. Additional funding has also supported testing of the Assistant Practitioner role and there are three students in Gateshead undertaking a foundation degree with the Open University. Gateshead is a fast-follower Trainee Nursing Associate test site in partnership with Teesside university; and a further funded cohort will commence in October 2017. Early expressions of interest are encouraged – contact details below.

Sue Renforth

Nurse Lead, GP Transformation Team

Tel: 0191 4977710

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