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Urgent & Unscheduled Primary Care GatDoc Performance Update

In 2016/17, 54 salaried and sessional CBC GPs delivered 3161 sessions in GatDoc; 99% of all available sessions were staffed. Overall, CBC’s urgent & unscheduled GP services delivered 8409 telephone consultations, saw 3620 patients face to face, undertook 1908 home visits and received 3505 referrals from ECC WIC.

Almost half of all contacts resulted in the patient receiving telephone advice; two fifths of consultations took place face to face. 11% of all NHS 111 contacts to GatDoc resulted in a home visit.

A further more detailed analysis of 100 home visits showed that without exception, all cases were appropriately triaged by the duty doctor. GPs provided invaluable support for care home staff in many cases, with almost two thirds of patients acutely unwell and all of whom were treated at home. A small proportion of patients sampled (10%) resulted in hospital admission. CBC is working in consultation with Community Services to determine which of these 100 patients could have been essentially treated at home by a nurse practitioner or other professional.

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